The 42nd love

Why does she sound like that

Like a song amidst the gunshots

Like a rhyme amidst the clatter

Heavenly voice to the losts

Things that matter

Like when a raindrop falls on there ground

Like a wind chime taking on the storm

Like a water hustling down the Brook

Like a sigh when it’s said and done

Like life and it’s rhythm

She sounds like I’ve been deaf

All my life

And hers is the only voice 

I ever heard!!!!


A bike, Empty roads, cool breeze blowing your hair and a melodious kishore Kumar’s song. Is it heaven?? Well there were potholes so I’d say No it’s still Earth. 

What’s it? What’s make us happy?? I spent my whole college life looking for the answer. 

Here’s few things I found out. 

  1. Happiness is being LOUD

Extroverts are happier yaar!! Everyone knows that. I’ve been an introvert and I’ve been an extrovert and I choose being an extrovert every damn time. If you like something go tell it, if you dislike something go tell it. Life is that simple. 

      2. Happiness is NOVELTY 

 Oh that’s me. I want to do new things, I want to meet new people, wanna try new cuisines, wanna see new places, wanna listen new songs, wanna travel new roads. I am a guy who definitely knows how to move on. And that’s my secret to happiness. Don’t hold grudges, don’t hold on. Let go of everything. It’s a river, everything will come back one day. 
    3. Happiness is having GOALS

OKAY well this is a bit complex to explain. Let’s say you are stuck in some deep mess and your life isn’t the way you wanted it to be, but what can you do about it? Of course you can cry, you can whine, you can complain? But what then? That’s not gonna help! How about making a plan, setting a goal, to get out of the mess to a life you want. That’s what I am talking about. 

No matter how bad your life is going, always have a plan to steer it to the direction you choose! Don’t depend on fate. 

    4. Happiness is a CHOICE!!!

well the most important concept. Okay! You had a bad day, your life is  presently not a very lovely one, but look at the bigger picture and you’ll realise, it’s all for your own good. Happiness is nothing outside. It’s what inside!! That makes you happy!! 

Let me wind up quickly, the roads are calling?? Its too good to abstain from a long drive. ­čśÇ

Be happy guys there’s no better way of living a life!!! 
Here’s to a wonderful,beautiful LIFE. 

12 o’clock

She left me for a dude

Who wakes up before noon

toaster has burned down

And milkman has gone 

Mails have piled up

And it’s the last day for dues.

Something’s wrong with alarm

It’s not of any use.

When I wake up at 12

To realise everything has happened

 But Not the way it had to happen

My dreams have packed the bags

While I am brushing my teeth

It’s going somewhere in a cab

While I am taking a bath

 I reach the party to know it’s over

Everyone’s drunk and I am sober

And turn away

It’s the meaning I delve

When I wake up at 12

The Suburban Girl

She’s in the blue cabin you’ve been wanting

And in that pumpkin patch

She is dancing in the meteor shower

While you hiding in your car’s hatch

Into the Challenger Deep and out with a pearl

Oh look at her, she is a suburban girl!!

There’s a panic button she doesn’t know about

She rides and moans and laughs at you

And that’s the funny feeling you get once you’re done

But she keeps herself off the blues

It appears a tornado when they swirl

Oh look at her, she is a Suburban girl.

Love is a pill, she has thrown in a gutter

Fastened the seat belts and ambitions on front

She’s got a clevage, you’ve got a problem

Mess with her she’ll be blunt

She’s got a fire and a cute curl

Oh look at her, she is a suburban girl.

Every thing comes back to GREEN DAY!!!

I am a 90s kid. ( I love being called kid, growing up is boring). I grew up with Green Day. Punk rock ruled our generation. Every Goddamn person wanted to have a picture with Guitar and wanted to look cool…… And then came new singers, new trends, but for me there was just one God!!!!

I met this girl in my college. We got along well, and now it really surprises me. She was such a good girl, and I was such a brat, I still am. We talked for hours, we roamed around the city, we watched movies and did all clich├ęd things people in relationship do. Everything was so fine, till she started changing things,changing me.

” you got to stop, cussing.(I cuss in a very sophisticated manner, no MC BC)”

Very well I thought,I love her, I can do this much for her.

She was on a drive to make me a gentleman, and Green Day doesn’t sound like a gentleman’s band. She said.

“Why don’t you listen to 1D or Arijit Singh. Green day fills your head anarchical ideas”

Damn it couldn’t believe she said that.

She deleted all Green Day songs from my phone, from my iPad, from my Computer

I loved her, and accepted her choices, 1D and Arijit Singh. They sure create very Good music, but for a heart that’s grenade shaped, you need band like Green Day.

From my hairstyle to my wallpaper everything changed. And I became a different person, a person who loved someone else so much that he forgot to love himself.

And one day we split.

And I was sitting in my room, wondering what was happening. Tears rolled down my cheek, not because she left me, but because I left myself. I distanced myself so much that now I was different person altogether. A space on the wall which once bore a 21st century breakdown poster, I was looking at it.

I felt some song in my heart, and Armstrong was shouting in my head!!!

wearing my heart on the noose, revolutions and insurgencies, blood booze and sex and too dumb to die

I had come back to Green Day!!! I was once again Ishan…. The raw, the wild, the untamed.

What I learnt is; ┬ádon’t change, if it doesnt come from inside. Maybe someday, I’d like to be a gentleman, when I’d grow up, when I’d embrace responsibilities. But for now , let me be punk, let me be a brat, let me love Green Day.

The most negative poem

Bleeding from the cut i made

When I couldn’t find any other way

Razors became my best friend

And I bled till I was half dead

I was only insane

Shed all blood so they

Can’t suck it again

Cracks have appeared

And my body fluids leaking

I am all dead except for 


Its dark and I love being here

Anything can be befriended

Be it depression, lust or fear

It’s the land of the demons

Lust keeps us on

My body’s dripping of semen

Cracks have appeared

And my soul is shrieking 

I am dead in there

Except for Breathing

She asked me to write something really NEGATIVE. I don’t know if I can write anything more negative…. More dark…..

Baby, I am a bad lover, instead of helping you get out of depression, I will get in to it myself. Instead of bringing light into your life, I will let darkness devour me. Instead of lifting you up, I will fall in the abyss of depression. And we will make out. Darlin you an addiction…..

Am I alive? Yes I am!

I am like a child 

looking off on horizon

I am like an ambulance

That’s turning on the sirens

I am still alive

I am like a soldier

Coming home for the first time

I dodged a bullet

And I walked across a landmine

I am still alive

Am I bleeding

Am I bleeding from the storm?

Just shine a light into the wreckage

So far away away

Cause I am still breathing

Cause I am still breathing on my own

My head’s above the rain and roses

Making my way away

My way to you…..

Found this song while I desperately needed it…. It inspires you, fills you with lots of energy and enthusiasm ….. Please go listen to it

Here is the link

And hail Billie Armstrong!!!!