वो किसी कहानी सी थी

ये हवा कुछ जानी पहचानी सी थी

किसी की इनमे खुशबू समायी थी

साथ आये थे यादों के झरोखे

लगा तुझे छू कर आई थी

मैं सुनता रहा

समेटता रहा दिल में

वो दिन जब ये स्याह वादियां भी गुनगुनाई थीं

कभी मुझसे आगे

कभी हाथों में हाथ डालकर

तेरे होने के एहसास तो बड़े थे 

पर जो मुड़ कर देखा तो

बस मैं था और मेरी परछाईं थी

My history class

Heard my history teacher had a fight

Said, she fought for women’s right

And moved out of her husband’s home

To live somewhere alone

And it reminded me of a question 

She once asked, I couldn’t answer

For which I was sent out of the class
On a rainy july morning, It so happened

Why did Vandals and Romans fought I was asked

First I woke up from slumber

Her question fell like thunder

Everyone was laughing  in the class

For the funny brat I was

Looked straight in her eyes and said

Because they never talked

Puzzled, she roared

I asked you the reason for the fight 

Tell me honestly, are you high

I said, if people could sit down and talk to each other 

There wouldn’t be any fights ever

Why do we even fight

Just because our ideologies doesnt align

Perfect world’s picture is different in our mind

Imagine hating a person about whom we don’t know

But hating him because his ideas are different from our own

The world would be better place 

If we give people a bit of space

To be different, 

To be true to themselves

I got Boos instead of applauses

And everyone laughed at how funny i was

She finally said

But why did romans and Vandals fought

If you dont know, you can leave the class

And I left the class

Bubble Rings

How long is life?

Years after years

Oppression and fears

Breathing in, breathing out

Years after years




A rat race


It’s a 86 second life

Under water

Not much to think

You spend it making bubble ring

And hit the floor

There you decide

If you wanna hide

And live

Or you wanna make bubble rings

And die……

She: I have crossed English channel, what have you done?

Me: I can create perfect bubble rings

She: 😍😍 marry me please!!!

A letter for her….

What are we??

In a trillion year old universe just 20-25 year old breathing mass, living in a small planet, revolving around an average star.

Seeking pleasure in someone’s company, finding happiness in money, trying to impress people, shouting, yelling, fighting….

This whole life of yours, this whole life of mine, has been a lie. You were born with a lie, and you’ll die defending it. Your beliefs, your conformity, it’s all an illusion. You, I and our beliefs are so insignificant that everything is, but dust.

Does your curves attract me??

Do I feel jealous when you go out with someone??

Do I secretly watch you when you flip your hair?

Do I “love” you??

Well, Love is, but dust. You’re but dust.

I am fine. Thank you.

Please make sure, you don’t contact me ever again.

We are dots in the universe

I am Tristan Da  Cunha

You’re UY Scuti

No Bullshit

I am naturally scared

After all i am not Jared

You so big you so high

But lone in the sky

Just a lone star

Somewhere very very far

Just a point to me

Like I am a point to you

Bigger than anything I’ve seen

Smaller than anything you’ve seen

In the end it all burns

And it all drowns

Only we survive,

And our thoughts

Just two points

Just two dots



कहीं दिल दश्त न हो जाए

अरसों से मेरी आँखों से पानी नहीं आये

डर है के कही दिल दश्त न हो जाए

कुछ ऐसी मोह्हबत हो गई रास्तो से

इसके लिए हम अपने घर को छोड़ आए

और तोड़ आये हर कसम हर वादों को

और यूँ मेरे अपने रह गए पलकें बिछाये

हम तो निकले हैं अपनी ही खोज में

जाना कहाँ है तुम्हे क्या बताएं

 ये तो मेरी प्यास है जो खींच लाई है समंदर तक मुझे

वरना हम भी बैठे थे कहीं बरसात कि आस लगाए
दश्त- Desert

आज फिर हमने एक ख़्वाब देखा है

इतनी तकलीफ पे भी दिल बाज़ न आया

आज फिर हमने एक ख्वाब देखा है

हर मोड़ पर मिल ही जाता है रंज हमे

कुछ यूँ भी हमने इतेफ़ाक देखा है

पर कुछ तो है जो एक आस है दिल में

और हर आस को होते ख़ाक देखा है

अंजाम पे पहुंच कर हुए इश्क़ में नाकाम

कुदरत का ये भी  हमने मज़ाक देखा है

पहले भी बिखरी हैं दिल की तम्मानायें टूट कर

पर आज ज़िन्दगी को ज़रा उदास देखा है

इतनी तकलीफ पर भी दिल न समझा 

आज फिर हमने एक ख्वाब देखा है।