The girl, The bag And The  Life In between 

I had a green bag with a red ribbon on it,  they conveyed my dreams, my passion the travel. It was my favorite bag,  a one of a kind. We went together to places,  laughed and cried together. On the surface it appeared I am carrying it,  but it carried me for my dreams were the reasons for my survival. 
             The girl I met the other day, was exceptionally adorable. She was I guess the best girl I had met. The epitome of stability and beauty. Soon my bag disappeared from my shoulder. I wanted to travel the world, but then she seemed like a world to me. And one day she confessed her love and I stood there stunned and flabbergasted; wondering how easy the ride around the world has been.  Overwhelmed by her curls I have her my heart and took it back immediately for the thoughts of the ribbon, the bag,  and my dreams came to my mind. 

But what about my dream of traveling the world 

But she is the world isn’t she? 

Too numb to say anything I stood there and she welcomed me with an open arms. A tug of war started in my mind. Girl or the bag. This world or that world. Her curls or the red ribbon. The blue eyes or the blue deep ocean. She was certainly the world, but not mine. I stepped back and picked up the bag and didn’t break the promise I had made to myself, they my dreams shall survive at any cost. …. 



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