Hinduism in the pop culture


Being a Hindu, I was not taught to hate Islam; I didn’t grow up despising Muslims. If anything my parents taught me, it was tolerance. I was repeatedly inducted with the idea of universal acceptance and brotherhood, till it was running in my veins and became the basic idea, I had, of Hinduism.


I remember being told, the reason for the survival of Hinduism, lies in its concept of tolerance towards differing ideas. The reason why it stood against the mighty invaders and despotic Muslim rulers lies in the efficacy of its ideas that became the very foundation of Hinduism. It didn’t lay down any riot act as to what an ideal Hindu should do. Vedas and Puranas didn’t define our eating habits, didn’t determine our time of prayers, one thing that Hinduism gave its followers was Wisdom, Wisdom to choose.  And it was the result of this tolerance that assimilation of different ideas under one banner of Hinduism became possible, it was the result of this tolerance, that people of various cultures and religions found in India, a home. It wouldn’t be wrong if I said, Nothing accepts the new cultures, the new religion, the new people like India does. Nothing accepts you like Hinduism. 


And yet, here we stand accused of intolerance.  


In the modern scenario, where politicization of religion has become the new trend, a devout Hindu attracts a few raised eyebrows by the self acclaimed Progressive members of society. Since when, has following traditions became “old fashioned” , since when, has standing up for your beliefs and religion came to be termed as intolerance.  


I stand for my belief, my faith, my religion, just as you do. I support the party that politically empowers my religion just as you do, and I suppose we can live in the vicinity of each other until you start crying foul. Relax, Extremism isn’t Hinduism’s contribution to the world.







  1. Prajakta · June 2, 2017

    Nice piece.. supporting one’s religion does not necessarily mean opposing others…
    And specially in our country where the majority population follows Hinduism. Anybody supporting hinduism outrightly will be tagged as a RSS guy.

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    • Shaggy · June 2, 2017

      Thank you!!
      Exactly my point……..
      You talk about your religion and you suddenly you are communalist, you are spreading hatred…….

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  2. laurelwolfelives · June 2, 2017

    I don’t understand this mass fear/hatred of other “world” religions. Isn’t the basic principal of ALL religions to love and accept your fellow man?
    I think more than a few folks must not have gotten that memo. 😥

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    • Shaggy · June 2, 2017

      Yes agreed, the problem starts when people starts superimposing their faiths and beliefs on others……

      While my post was reflecting what’s happening in India, a religion and it’s followers are blamed for govt policies.
      Its exactly like blaming Christianity for Trump’s policies…….
      As weird as it sounds!!!!

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  3. crazygenesblog · June 4, 2017

    You know what , I am hindu and I hate Shiv sena people , I feel they are extremists . Gau Rakshaks in UP , when will we have Women Rakshaks intead of rakshas . Religion is okay until someone makes their own rules and imposes it upon you . Why are people sitting down to judge someone how they follow their religion . Is the so called “correct way of following a religion” written somewhere . There are extremists in every religion . The time someone tells you their religion is better than other or competing on the basis of religion they are wrong in my book. I do agree that Religion is the weapon of politicians but it should not be their only agenda . Relgion has different interpretations to different people and If someone is preaching religion and doing inhumane activities they are the poorest of the prople . I too get irritated when someones says something about my religions but they say things that I hate about my religion too , it’s not the religion but how people interpret is wrong . The thing is when you relate something as your own you cannot hear criticism about it , but if you are ready to hear you will find how people have spoiled religion for us . Sorry If I appear rude, I do not intend to .People have clouded our opinions.

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    • Shaggy · June 4, 2017

      Any man with a sound mind would hate shiv sena and gau rakshaks, so here I agree with you…….

      I was though pointing spiritual concept of religion instead of political…….

      The moral policing in teh name of cow protection is absolutely unwarranted, it’s just a propaganda……..

      And modi said, jinke pas koi kaam ni hota wo gau rakshak ban jaate hain…..

      Religion is, I believe a personal choice, but the trouble starts when generalising begins, I am completely against branding terrorists as islamists also I don’t want to be branded as an RSS agent for being a Hindu……

      Arre no you weren’t not rude, I actually wanted some discussion about the topic. Thank you for sharing your opinion……

      A clouding of vision is definitely there owing to media and so called protectors of religion, who do not even understand it in the first place…..

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      • crazygenesblog · June 4, 2017

        Thank god you are not one of them . I practice something I know , my god doesn’t wear a Sari or Robe , I pray to the power that is above us all no branding . Even though I say I am a Hindu I practice what I know , and no matter what level of faith you have when someone says something about your religion it touches you a little bit but what makes you different is the response you give. 😀

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      • Shaggy · June 5, 2017

        very true. Belief hast got no face, its us who give belief a religious turn and involve politics in it.
        I really liked that you come up here, and spoke what you felt about your faith, your beliefs, not appeasement but the truth…….
        tons of respect to you for that……

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  5. Neethu .. · July 6

    Reblogged this on Neethu .

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  6. Garfield Hug · July 14

    Tolerance is key or I say…co-existence is vital. 😊

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  7. ghostwriter · September 10

    hear hear!

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