We are dots in the universe

I am Tristan Da  Cunha

You’re UY Scuti

No Bullshit

I am naturally scared

After all i am not Jared

You so big you so high

But lone in the sky

Just a lone star

Somewhere very very far

Just a point to me

Like I am a point to you

Bigger than anything I’ve seen

Smaller than anything you’ve seen

In the end it all burns

And it all drowns

Only we survive,

And our thoughts

Just two points

Just two dots





  1. Awesome Ishaan and we sure r tiny dots in the great universe. Loved your simple true post


    • Shaggy · April 12

      Thank you Kamal.
      That’s what we are, peck of dust, some 20 year old in a trillion yo universe, so small is the existence……


      • Yes absolutely Ishaan see cosmos in Netflix very nice will know what we r nothing zero


  2. little me💖 · April 12

    Simply wow!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. crazygenesblog · April 13

    Such poetry much wow 😀


  4. Zinni · April 27

    Nice poetry! 😀


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