In a lovely rose garden lived tiny plants that bore bright yellow colored flowers and stayed very close to ground.
“When will I become roses” asked a tiny plant who was barely any longer than the straw of grass.
“We don’t turn into roses, son” replied his mother. ” we live like this throughout our lives”

“But I don’t like living like this, no one admires us, no one takes our care and we are always under the risk of getting crushed by humans. ” he said

” Mother nature loves you, she loves all of us equally. ” said her mother.

This answer barely subdued his ambition of being a rose. He wanted to be a rose who gets everyone’s attention, who isn’t scared of coming under someone’s foot,who’s is properly taken care of, the most beautiful rose.

Soon he started developing flowers. Flowers with four petals of bright yellow colour. But all he wanted was being the rose. He was getting impatient as he did not see himself turning into rose.

One day, he got so frustrated that he started crying hysterically and created a chaos all around. The mother nature herself has to come down to earth to listen to his woes.

“I want to be a rose ” said the tiny plant . ” what difference does it make, you are still beautiful and useful to the nature” said mother nature trying to convince him.
But the plant wasn’t ready to listen to anything.

” Make me a rose or kill me” he said
And the mother nature has to surrender before his stubbornness.
” I make you a rose plant” she said waving her magical wandΒ  “but only for a week”
The little plant was nevertheless happy becoming a rose plant even for a week.
In a matter of minutes he rose high and started developing leaves, and thorns and the blazingly red roses.Β  He became the most beautiful rose plant of the garden. Held his head high in pride and his happiness found no boundaries becoming a rose plant.

On the last day of being a rose the little plant started feeling gloomy,he looked at the sky and found it stormy and cloudy. The weather was a bit different that day. Some storm was to come.
Winds started to blow furiously and it started raining heavily.

He had not seen any storm worse than this. Soon many rose plants started getting uprooted and their blazingly red flowers shattered and fell on the ground. Little plant turned rose too find it hard to stand straight on that storm.

Morning came and the storm had gone. Almost all the rose plants were lying on the ground either dead or about to die.
He too got uprooted and lie, waiting for the death,all other little plants who bore the bright yellow colored flower looked at him with horror.
One of the plants spoke
” That’s what happens when you go against the rule. When you be the rebel”

The rose plant moaned in pain and turned his head towards the crowd of the little plants.
A satanic smile ran down his face and with a lot of effort he spoke.

I pity you. All of you who never rose high, all of you who never got admired, all of you who never lived without the fear of getting crushed. You tiny little plants,you always were jealous of the roses and the treatment they get, but consoled yourself by saying that mother nature loves everyone equally.

Apparently every little plant listened to him turning green with envy. He continued

I am glad I never restricted myself and never put faith in your  conformity. I became a rose, I got admired, I saw the heights. I became the most beautiful flower. And now I am dying, with my dreams fulfilled. I am dying with pride. And people will mourn my death.

It would have been a shame for me to be a little plant again for I once have been the most beautiful plant.

Saying so he turned his head towards the youngest of the little plants

It isn’t painful. I am going like a hero. Not with a unfulfilled desire. Don’t listen to people when they say you have to be a little plant developing bright yellow flowers,because you were born like that Don’t listen when they say, no one has ever done it before. You can be anything, a rose, a sunflower, a baobab. Choose greatness over mediocrity. Choose life.

How many of us choose to be the rose plant?



  1. theurbanartist · May 27, 2016

    Good post my friend..😊😊

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  2. Sunith · May 28, 2016

    Great Post Ishan.

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  3. Light at Fifty · May 28, 2016

    This resonates so much right now πŸ™‚

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  4. Claudia Hernandez · May 30, 2016

    Great story with a good message:)

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  5. lupin · June 4, 2016

    Good post but somewhat confusing. If I disregard the wrong botanical aspects(rose plants don’t get uprooted in storms and even if they do they can be replanted unlike big banyan trees), the philosophy is also bit twisted. The plant seemed to be like an attention seeking insecure child as it complained about”not being taken care of, admired & about the fear of being trampled”. Also, it chose the easy way to get what it wanted as the kids of nowadays-crying,creating a scene and finally saying”Make me a rose or kill me”.
    Also, it didn’t deserve to be the so called hero. If it had become strong by its own hard work it wouldn’t have shown fear in face of trouble in form of clouds. It seemed it was eager for power and fame but wasn’t ready for it & didn’t know how to handle it. It was the converted yellow flower plant who was jealous of rose plants and not its mates for it threw a tantrum to be like rose. If they were jealous, they could have requested mother nature to change them.
    It was also wrong & naive in assuming that people would mourn its death. They would just replace it with another rose plant.
    Its saying “shame for me to be a little plant again” clearly showed its pride and the right decision of mother nature of not making it a rose plant in the first place.
    While dying, it was justifying its own transformation which it got in alms(not by its own efforts) by calling itself a hero when it has done nothing heroic &/or laudable.

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    • The time traveller · June 4, 2016

      You will have to forgive me, for my ignorance about the botanical aspects. This story was never meant to be botanically correct. Coming to the philosophy part, the little flowers represent that sect of humans who are satisfied with whatever they have got and do not want to grow. I repeat, little flowers are equally beautiful and useful to nature, they are merely represented, by me as underachievers. Rose plant on the other hand represent the sect of people who take risk and follow their ambitions.

      All the little plants were actually jealous of the rose plants. But they consoled themselves or should I say fooled themselves by saying mother nature loves us.

      Ask and it shall be given to you. The little plant did exactly that. He asked.
      Yes he indeed was stubborn, but I feel had he not been stubborn the other little plants would have convinced him to stay a little plant.

      He wasn’t worried about the storm, he was sad that he will have to be a little plant again.

      The transformation was not on alms because, he dared to speak and stand against the society and it’s conformity.

      Every story has perceptive. We make our heroes and villains. One need not be considered a hero because writer thinks he is a hero.

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      • lupin · June 4, 2016

        Its OK from your philosophical perspective that you see little flowers as underachievers. But the definition of achievement is different for everyone. If every vulture wanted to be a peacock, nature’s ecosystem would be in chaos for lack of clean up crew. So, saying that the little plants were jealous or consoled or fooled themselves is a prejudiced statement. May be indeed they were happy in their own lives as aspirations differ person to person.
        Also, choices of people differ. Not everyone likes roses, me for instance. Wild flowers are the unsung heroes of the planet.Without wildflowers our planet would not only be a sadder place, but life as we know it would not exist. You won’t ever catch wildflowers bragging about their accomplishments. They go about their business quietly, unnoticed and largely unobserved, with few people knowing about the sense of their extraordinary reach and service. Here are a few of the things they are doing for us and have been doing for eons:
        β€’ Attracting and sustaining beneficial wildlife (the pollinators and other creatures essential to keeping the plant and animal kingdom – and us – going)
        β€’ Creating extensive recycling, composting, land repurposing and self-regulating water filtration systems
        β€’ Mastering extreme weather survival
        β€’ Developing a continent-wide erosion control program
        β€’ Nurturing the expansion of a wide range of living organisms
        If it was so worthy, Mother Nature would have made it rose plant for ever. Its like rags to riches to rags.
        “crying hysterically and created a chaos all around” is not asking; its blackmail. Then Mother Nature gave the lollipop to pacify.
        Yes, every story does have a perspective, but this one has a lopsided perspective.
        “One need not be considered a hero because writer thinks he is a hero.”–if that’s how its like, then you could have elaborated how the central character became a hero. Just becoming rose plant isn’t heroic, yes, it may be about fulfilling the dreams like people want to be rich and famous but heroism, i couldn’t see it or i may have missed it.


      • The time traveller · June 5, 2016

        How do you know if every vulture doesn’t want to be a peacock. I haven’t considered about maintaining the ecological balance. Also, this story showed the view point of the little flowers. Who knows, if roses wanted to be the little plants. Yes, not everyone likes roses, that’s why I said, you can be anything, sunflower, banyan, lily, grasshopper or the wildflower.
        Yes, I agree that I should have elaborated about his efforts to become a rose plant. Also he forgot the lesson of being humble,and was overwhelmed with pride.

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  6. lupin · June 5, 2016

    This story showed the viewpoint of ONE little plant, not applicable for all of them.
    Every vulture doesn’t want to be a peacock, if that was the case , they all have been dead like your little plant in futile attempt of becoming what you are not.
    What you are is not that important, how you are making the best use of your position for your growth and excelling in your arena is more crucial.
    I hope you remember the principles of LWL- being your personal best irrespective of the post you hold.

    Liked by 1 person

    • The time traveller · June 6, 2016

      yes, it was the story of one little plant. yes i remember the LWT principle. doing best irrespective of posts we hold.

      P.S. (On a lighter note) The little plant didnt know the LWT principle. πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€


  7. beeorganizedwithpamela · June 10, 2016

    Follow your dreams. Very well done. Thanks for sharing.

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  8. Priya Tiwari · June 18, 2016

    Really nice and well written. 😊

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  9. Goin' the extra...aaamile · August 26, 2016

    Ishan, this is dope! Deserves a Re-blog πŸ™‚

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  10. Goin' the extra...aaamile · August 26, 2016

    Reblogged this on Goin' the extra..aamile.


  11. boundlessblessingsblog · August 26, 2016

    I would definitely like to be a rose and enjoy life as sooner or later one has to perish so why not enjoy and love life.

    Liked by 1 person

    • The Shaggy · August 26, 2016

      Yes exactly… I too would love to live like a rose… Even if it’s for a day….
      Thank you soo much for your lovely comment….

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